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Doug Stone & Sheila Heen: "Thanks for the Feedback" | Talks at Google

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The authors of the classic bestseller Difficult Conversations return with Thanks for the Feedback, the first book to assert that receiving feedback well is a skill that can be taught and refined. With humor and clarity, Thanks for the Feedback takes an honest look at why feedback can feel so hard to hear, and gives readers the framework and tools needed to metabolize challenging information and use it to fuel real change.

WHY: Each year, over 100 million American workers receive a performance review or other evaluation, and every child is handed back about 300 assignments, papers, and tests. At least 40 million people will be sizing each other up for love on line, where 71 percent of them believe in love at first site. We will fail eye exams, receive speeding tickets, get passed over for promotion, and not like the number staring back at us on the bathroom scale. Our in-laws, neighbors, and friends will give us "advice" laden with judgment. We all get feedback—formal and informal, explicit or implicit—in our personal and professional lives every day. In Thanks for the Feedback, Stone and Heen teach readers how to turn evaluations, advice, criticisms, and coaching into productive listening and learning.

About the Authors: Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone are Lecturers on Law at Harvard, and founders of Triad Consulting. Sheila's clients span five continents and include the White House, the Federal Reserve Bank, Merck, PwC, Unilver and many others. Sheila has appeared on shows as diverse as Oprah, Fox News, CNBC's Power Lunch and NPR, and her articles have appeared in the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Real Simple, and elsewhere. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she is schooled in negotiation daily by her three children. Doug's clients include Citigroup, Honda, HP, Time Warner, the White House, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, W.H.O, and UN-AIDS, and he has worked with journalists, diplomats, and educators in South Africa, Kashmir, and the Middle East. His articles have appeared the New York Times, the Harvard Business Review, the Rotman Journal, and elsewhere. Doug appeared with Sheila on Oprah and has been on many TV and radio shows.
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