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Jean Baptiste Huynh - "Redesigning the Math Experience - Lessons from DragonBox" | Talks at Google

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Jean-Baptiste Huynh describes the making of the award winning algebra and geometry games DragonBox and DragonBox Elements and explain why he believes it is possible to dramatically increase the math proficiency among younger children through the use of well designed games. Huynh talks about mathematics didactics, game design and how he sees user interface design. He also speaks of the development process to create the DragonBox games.
“DragonBox is making me reconsider all the times I’ve called an educational app ‘innovative’” --GeekDad, Wired
“Step aside sudoku, algebra is the primordial puzzle game” --Jordan Shapiro, Forbes
Brilliant, kids don't even know that they are doing Math
Jinny Gudmundsen, USA today
Jean-Baptiste Huynh is founder and CEO of WeWantToKnow, creator of the award winning educational algebra and geometry games DragonBox and DragonBox Elements. WeWantToKnow maintains the audacious goal of delivering K-12 mathematics knowledge to any child in 30 hours of gameplay. Huynh holds a M.Sc. in IT and mathematics and is a certified financial analyst. Before founding WeWantToKnow, Huynh spent 10 years as a stock portfolio manager (where he promoted corporate responsibility and socially responsible investment), then became a certified math and economics teacher 5 years in Norway. With WeWantToKnow, Huynh combines his passion for entrepreneurship, science and social impact.
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