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Nadim Saad: Raising Confident Kids | Talks at Google

Parenting and relationship coach Nadim Saad is the author of five books, including the highly acclaimed 'Kids Don't Come With a Manual'. He's worked with experienced psychotherapists and draws from the latest research in child psychology and neuroscience (as well as his own experience as a father of three) to develop a programme of highly effective tools to help families become happier and more harmonious.

Nadim joined us to talk about his book, 'Raising Confident Kids', which explains the common pitfalls that parents make and how this can impact children's confidence and self esteem. Nadim teaches us how we can avoid making these mistakes and instead adopt healthy and positive parenting habits.

Find out more about Nadim's work at http://www.bestofparenting.com.

Get the book here: https://goo.gle/36GCrn1.
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