You Could Live On This Planet Right Now, But Better Don''t


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These Could Be The Strangest Exoplanets Found Yet

Hello everyone! Welcome to our channel. In today’s video Smart Banana is going to tell you about 8 exceptional exoplanets among the nearly 2,000 known ones. Let’s find out more about Earth Jr, tantalizing places to seek alien life.

The first one is Gliese 581d, which is nestled in the Libra constellation. It rests on the outer end of the "Goldilocks zone". The habitable zone may also be called the "life zone", "comfort zone", or "green belt". It is the distance from a star where one can have liquid water on the surface of a planet. If a planet is too close to its parent star, it will be too hot and water would have evaporated (take a look at Mercury and Venus). If a planet is too far from a star it is too cold and water is frozen, just like we have it on Mars. In case of Earth Jr., this means the planet has a habitable temperature in which water would remain a liquid. Furthermore, Gliese 581 d's atmosphere produces a significant greenhouse effect. That's what keeps our Earth a warm and cozy 59 F. The same conditions could warm the planet's surface and make it a strong candidate for the possible presence of life.

However, in September 2010, scientists using the Keck Telescope in Hawaii located another potential planet around the same star, Gliese 581g, with even more beneficial conditions for sustaining life. It is located in the middle of the habitable zone. But other scientists have debated whether the planet even exists, as results from Doppler spectroscopy can be open to interpretation. Gliese 581 g has yet to be confirmed as an exoplanet.

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