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25 Kickass Facts About Our Solar System

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our amazing channel. In today’s video Smart Banana prepared for you yet another bunch of bamboozling facts about the solar system and space in general. Stay tuned to find out what they are.

And... #25 Uranus is tilted on its side
One of the strangest aspects of Uranus is its tilt. The planet is flipped over on its side, like a Weeble, that wouldn't unwobble. According to astronomers, the giant impact from an Earth-size rock knocked Uranus sideways. Its axis of spin is tilted by a whopping 98 degrees meaning it essentially spins on its side. No other planet in the solar system is tilted as much. Uranus is unique.

#24 Saturn’s moon Enceladus has towering volcanic eruptions
Ice geysers were discovered at geologically young, warm structures in the icy moon’s southern polar region. Such volcanoes shoot radioactive ice into the sky at the rate of 1,400 mph. After an eruption, cryomagma is expected to condense to a solid form when exposed to the very low surrounding temperature. Volcanic activity is now known to exist in 3 bodies in our solar system: Enceladus, Earth, and Jupiter’s moon Io.

Wanna more? Stay with us and watch the full video! Cause space is cool :)
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