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The Darkest Planet Of The Solar System Hides Something...

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There is an Invisible Planet In the Solar System!

Everybody knows that there are 8 different planets in the Solar System: Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. Hmmmm…. Let me see… I think I’ve forgotten about one little planet that hides somewhere near Sun.
The veeery first planet that I have forgotten to mention is Mercury. Did you know that this planet is not what it seems?
Well, this planet is really weird! First of all it is sooooo dark that it almost seems invisible to the poor scientists who try to find it every night in their telescopes without any luck!
This mysterious planet is the closest to the Sun and that is why it is very difficult to observe from the Earth and even more difficult to get to it!
So why is Mercury so black? May be it hides from us for some reason?

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