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5 Places in the Solar System Where You Can Live Right Now!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to our channel!
Until now, humanity cannot answer the question: are we alone in the Universe? However, UFO sightings and mysterious space images make us believe in aliens. Besides, it's not a secret that humanity is growing, resources are running out and sooner or later we will really have a burning desire to "expand" a little bit!
Therefore, this time we will not go "really far" - in our new video we in Smart Banana will find out where else in our Solar system, in addition to our planet, the existence of life is possible!

We'll star from Enceladus 00:46, Saturn's Moon.

Then there is Titanium 2:06. Very cool place to live on!

Callisto, 03:55, nice and big satellite.

Europa 06:34, not the political one, but Jupiter's six moon.

And finally the Mars, 08:13.

Stay with us and probably you'll find a new home in case you ned one.

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