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Was it real: Phaeton - the fifth planet of our Solar System?!

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A long time ago in a galaxy, not that far away in our very beautiful Solar System, once here happily existed a beautiful planet Phaeton! It is not clear yet - was it destroyed by a nuclear war, or it was torn by the gravity of the neighbor planets!? Well, do you think this is this the beginning of the next Star Wars episode!?
You are quite, quite close!

In today’s video Smart is the New Sexy will show you the most interesting facts about the possible existence of the fifth planet of our Solar System long time ago!

First time Phaeton was mentioned by a famous German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer - Johannes Kepler who lived in the middle ages. He was interested in the empty space between Mars and Jupiter - it seems he really wanted to get a free planet! Many scientists, driven by the same thoughts, carried out calculations, research, put forward hypotheses about the fate of this celestial body. Let's consider some theories related to the existence and death of Phaeton!

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