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Art X Science: Tangible Computing

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A documentary short film about a new generation of artists who create artworks infused with software, programming and computing technology.

This film aims to promote Tangible Computing, part of a series of forward-thinking Cross-Media Arts courses at UNSW Art & Design (formerly COFA, College of Fine Arts), with an official welcome by Associate Professor Mari Velonaki, director of the Creative Robotics Lab at the National Institute of Experimental Arts.

Cross-Media artists express themselves with physical and digital materials, employing experimental and playful approaches to the exploration of media. They engage with concepts, processes, events and spaces.

ROLE ▲ Director, DP (Cinematographer), Editor & Colourist
CAMERA ▲ Canon 5D Mark III
PRODUCTION ▲ UNSW Art & Design 2014
documentary, art, science, technology
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