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Enabling hybrid work with Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams Security - Ask Me Anything

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Microsoft Teams Security: Ask Me Anything host, Stephen Rose talks with Chris Jackson, Principal Architect of Commercial Endpoint CxE and John Gruszczyk, Product Manager for Microsoft Teams all about security! They answer your questions about Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Edge security. Plus cybersecurity expert, Paula Januszkiewicz, joins us for a brief interview. This is a do not miss episode!

Featured Guests: Chris Jackson, Principal Architect, Commercial Endpoint CxE, Microsoft John Gruszczyl, Product Manager, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Paula Januszkiewicz, Cybersecurity Expert and Penetration Tester, CEO and Founder of CQURE

Quick Links
00:00 Introduction
03:50 Teams Sprawl
05:24 External access and federation vs guest access review
07:25 How is Edge different from Google Chrome
13:13 Expiration to MS Teams vs all 0ffice 365 groups
14:10 Guest accounts with AD on prem
15:52 Cybersecurity with Paula Januszkiewicz
21:00 Security features in Edge vs Chrome
26:31 DLP communication compliance and keeping chat safe
28:20 File uploading and sharing on Teams
32:07 Teams retention, Box functionality,
38:03 Top Resources Additional Resources Planning for Microsoft Teams

Governance: https://aka.ms/teamsplanforgovernance
Teams Security, Compliance, and Privacy Overview: https://aka.ms/Teams-SecurityCompliance
Teams Security Guide: https://aka.ms/Teams-SecurityGuide
Tenant-wide Microsoft 365 Security enablement: https://aka.ms/TenantSecurity
Microsoft Edge security for your business | Microsoft Docs: https://aka.ms/MSEdgebiz
Microsoft Security Baselines - Microsoft Tech Community: https://aka.ms/MSSecuritybaseline
MyIgnite - Microsoft Edge – State of the browser in 2020: https://aka.ms/MyIgniteSEdge

Stephen Rose: https://twitter.com/stephenlrose
Chris Jackson: https://twitter.com/appcompatguy
John Gruszczyk: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jsgruszczyk/
Paula Januszkiewicz: https://twitter.com/PaulaCqure

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Unfamiliar with our show? Enabling hybrid work with Microsoft Teams is a live Microsoft Teams webcast series for IT Professionals hosted by Stephen Rose. We have interviews with members of the Microsoft engineering staff, community experts, and real-world professionals who share their best practices on all aspects of supporting remote, hybrid, and on-premise work with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.

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