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Enabling hybrid work with Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Ignite 2020 Wrap-up Part 1

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Join host Stephen Rose talk with special guest Aya Tange for a wrap-up of day 1 at Microsoft Ignite 2020! You’ll hear about all the great Microsoft Teams product announcements.

Featured guests: Aya Tange, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft

Additional Resources: Microsoft Ignite: https://myignite.microsoft.com/home
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Microsoft Teams Community Blog: https://aka.ms/Teams-TechBlog
Microsoft365 Blog: https://aka.ms/M365/Teams-blog
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Scenario 1: Introduction of guest 00:30
Scenario 2: Discussion about the Microsoft Teams announcements at Microsoft Ignite 4:46
Scenario 3: New Together Mode Screens 5:02
Scenario 4: Breakout Rooms 5:59
Scenario 5: Custom Layouts 6:50
Scenario 6: Meeting Recap 7:35
Scenario 7: Large Meeting Support 8:15
Scenario 8: Registration Support 8:52
Scenario 9: Meeting Extensibility Points 9:30
Scenario 10: Speaker Attribution for captions and transcripts 10:40
Scenario 11: White Board 11:37
Scenario 12: Updated Calling Experience 12:10
Scenario 13: Teams Templates 13:50
Scenario 14: Pin Chats and Pin Posts 14:44
Scenario 15: Upgraded Search Results 15:20
Scenario 16: Offline Files in Mobile 15:40
Scenario 17: Online Presence 16:42
Scenario 18: First line workers features: Tagging by Shift 17:29
Scenario 19: New features for Administrators 18:17
Scenario 20: Power Apps and Power Automate Features 19:00
Scenario 21: Adaptive Card 20:48
Scenario 22: Teams Mobile Updates 22:20
Scenario 23: Touchless 22:45
Scenario 24: Questions and Answers: 24:46
Scenario 25: Resources 27:55

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