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Enabling hybrid work with Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams Security

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Let’s talk security. The top challenge IT pros are facing right now is securing data. Join our product expert for a deep dive discussion on identity and authentication.

For more information, visit: https://resources.techcommunity.microsoft.com/files/erw/Enabling-remote-work-with-Microsoft-Teams-episode3-full.mp4

Featured guests:
• Stephanie Lio, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft
• Mayunk Jain, Senior Product Manager, Modern Workplace, Apps & Endpoint, Microsoft
• Sami Laiho, Senior Technical Fellow, MVP/Win-fu.com
Unboxing: Bose 700 UC & Jabra Evolve2 85

Additional Resources
Microsoft Endpoint Manager: https://aka.ms/Microsoft-EndPointManager
Microsoft Intune: https://aka.ms/Microsoft_InTune
Office 365 Security and Compliance Center https://aka.ms/Office365-SecurityCompliance
Multi-Factor Authentication: https://aka.ms/Enable-MFA
Managing remote Users: https://aka.ms/RemoteUsers
Win-Fu: https://win-fu.com/

Stephen Rose: https://twitter.com/stephenlrose
Stephanie Lio: https://twitter.com/steph_lio
Mayunk Jain: https://twitter.com/mayunkj
Sami Laio: https://twitter.com/samilaiho

For more information on “Enabling hybrid work with Microsoft Teams”: https://aka.ms/teams-hybridwork

Scenario 1: Guest Introduction 1:07
Scenario 2: Security interview with Stephanie Lio 2:47 (MFA)
Scenario 3: Multi-Factor Authentication demo 6:54
Scenario 4: Security interview with Mayunk Jain 9:35
Scenario 5: Microsoft Endpoint Manager demo 14:02
Scenario 6: Zero Trust Security interview with Sami Laiho 18:25
Scenario 7: Question and Answer with guests 27:45
Scenario 8: Unboxing the Jabra Evolve2 85 and Bose 700 UC 33:01
Scenario 9: Resource links 37:59

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