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Enabling hybrid work with Microsoft Teams: Back to school/user adoption

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Host Stephen Rose talks with Karuana Gatimu and Jethro Seghers from Microsoft Teams Engineering about the latest features and functionalities to help educators make the most of Microsoft Teams and how IT Pros can secure these features in a variety of environments. Plus, you’ll see the unboxing of the Dell XPS 17 Laptop.

Featured guests:
· Karuana Gatimu, Principal Manager, Customer Advocacy Group, Microsoft
· Jethro Seghers, Senior Customer Program Manager, Microsoft
· Sarah Patrick, Student, University of Maryland, College Park

Additional resources
• School Data Sync: https://aka.ms/schooldatasync
• Microsoft Teams for Education: https://aka.ms/MSTforeducation
• Microsoft Adoption: https://adoption.microsoft.com
• Microsoft Teams University: https://aka.ms/TeamsUniversity
• Students and teachers get Teams for free: https://aka.ms/Get-TeamsForFree
• Microsoft Teams Training: https://aka.ms/teams-livetraining
• Intune for Education: https://aka.ms/MS-intune
• Virtual workshops and training: https://aka.ms/MSStores-Training
• TechGirlz: https://techgirlz.org

• Stephen Rose on Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephenlrose
• Karuana Gatimu on Twitter:: https://twitter.com/Karuana
• Jethro Seghers on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jseghers
• Sarah Patrick on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sarahepatrick

00:00: Introduction
03:19: Interview with Jethro Seghers; Why Seattle Public Schools is using Microsoft Teams
03:53: Microsoft School Data Sync; What to be aware of when setting up and securing Teams
06:35: Setting up least permissions
07:58: Questions: How to access the sign language feature; Setting up SDS
10:04: Microsoft Teams University
10:59: Global Policies for moving from hybrid to in-person or in-person to hybrid
13:15: Interview with Karuana Gatimu; Teams Live Training; Adoption.microsoft.com; Using Teams education in Enterprise
20:21: Interview with Sarah Patrick about TechGirlz
28:12: Questions and answers: Speech to text; Student Safety; Training for staff, parents, community
33:00: Unboxing the Dell XPS 17 Laptop
36:39: Resources links

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