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Enabling hybrid work with Microsoft Teams: Interview with Jeff Teper

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Host Stephen Rose talks with Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft 365, about his vision for the future of Microsoft’s collaboration tools and he answers viewers' questions. You’ll find out where he gets his teal shoes and which Beatles song he likes to play the most. Stephen also talks with Kaushal Mehta about the Teams Public Preview Program and he unboxes the Logitech Brio Webcam and the Zone Wireless headset.
Featured Guests: Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Kaushal Mehta, Principal Product Manager, Microsoft

Quick Links
00:00 Introduction
01:25 Jeff Teper interview; Vision of building teams as an app vs a platform
05:00 How you balance evolutionary features vs revolutionary features
07:47 Q&A - Where does Jeff get his teal shows?
09:00 Q&A - How do you deal with Teams sprawl?
12:37 Q&A - What is the future of private channels?
14:17 Q&A - Details on webinar registrations for Teams
15:10 Q&A - What is the part of the program you are most proud of?
18:35 Q&A - Jeff talks about his guitars
24:32 Interview with Kaushal Mehta talks about the new Teams preview program
29:10 Unboxing Logitech Brio Webcam and Zone Wireless Headset
33:17 Chris Jackson memorial

Additional Resources Microsoft Teams Tech Blog: https://aka.ms/Teams-TechBlog
Chris Jackson Memorial Scholarship Fund: https://mtyc.co/09h90g
Stephen Rose: https://twitter.com/stephenlrose
Jeff Teper: https://twitter.com/jeffteper
Kaushal Mehta: https://twitter.com/dkc3509

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