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Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept Introduce

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept Introduce https://youtu.be/9n8ptgxydx4

Perusing the press release Mercedes-Benz provided us on this admittedly stunning concept car, we find a myriad of highbrow phrases like organically emerging, aesthetic dynamism, and perhaps our favorite from the entire announcement, luxurious generosity and aerodynamic elegance in ideal harmony. It sounds so majestic, but here’s a note to all those highbrow Mercedes PR teams. This time around, the car really speaks for itself.
The car is the Vision EQS – basically Merc’s take on an electric S-Class for the distant future. It’s not too distant of a future though, as this isn’t a fully autonomous runabout with a morphing interior and a powertrain sourced from science fiction. In fact, Mercedes tells us the EQS utilizes a pair of electric motors for the front and rear axles, with a battery integrated into the floor between them.

Sounds like something you can get nowadays, as does the 469-horsepower (350-kilowatt) power rating. Likewise, a range of 435 miles is impressive but not absurdly so. A Tesla Model S Long Range model can almost do that now, and when the power runs out, the EQS has 350 kW charging capability to reclaim 80 percent power in less than 20 minutes.
This concept’s powertrain isn’t what has our attention. The sweeping lines are devastatingly attractive – a design language Mercedes calls one bow – but the lights literally and figuratively bring this concept to life. It starts not with that illuminated grille, but with a continuous 360-degree illuminated strip of blue that separate the two-tone black/silver finish. Mercedes says it gives the impression that the black is floating atop the silver, not unlike luxurious generosity and aerodynamic elegance in ideal harmony. We just think it looks fantastic.

Speaking of which, let’s get back to that grille. There are 940 individual LEDs on 188 circuit boards in that black-panel section, flanked by digital headlights that lend a free-floating 3D effect to the front clip. At the rear, Mercedes engineers then installed 229 LEDs flush with the bodywork and yes, they are all miniature three-pointed stars. Is it a bit narcissistic on Mercedes’ part? Possibly, but we prefer to call it aesthetic dynamism.
As for the interior, it very much adopts a concept car layout though we are happy to see a functional dashboard with vehicle controls. Mercedes says this is an ode to keeping drivers involved in the driving process, which is why its proposed autonomous systems stop at level 3 – allowing full autonomy only in certain situations. Beyond that, Mercedes drew inspiration for the greenhouse from yachts (yes, yachts), and the flat floor with its four-seater layout certainly has a cabin cruiser feel about it.
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