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Galaxy Note 4 review, Nexus 6/9 anticipation, new iPad thoughts & more | Pocketnow Weekly 118

Samsung's latest, greatest phablet is here, and it's a hard-edged reminder that it's no longer enough just to be big; you've got to be smart about it, too. We're talking everything from #gapgate to Multi Window to the S Pen on today's podcast-style Galaxy Note 4 review ... and to help us do that, we're bringing in two very sharp tacks from respected corners of the mobile community: Brad Molen of Engadget and Florence Ion of Greenbot!
This week's news didn't stop at the Note, of course. We're also talking about the big reveal from Google in the form of not one, but two new Nexii (both of them huge, in more ways than one), and we'll also touch on Apple's lower-key iPad Air 2 unveiling (while doing our best to avoid making Dad jokes). Plus, we'll hit up the Listener Mail inbox as usual to hear the latest insight and feedback from your very own mouths. Fingers. Keystrokes. Whatever.
If that's the kind of talk that vibrates your silicon, then welcome: you're among friends. Join us for Pocketnow Weekly 118 –either through the live video stream at 2:00pm Eastern or the high-quality audio version available later on– and shoot your questions to podcast [AT] pocketnow [DOT] com for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air. See you then!
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